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K3s Kubernetes

OS setting

Most of the setup of the OS was already done for us by the bootstrap file, before we had to set up manually on Ubuntu following:

  • Hostname
  • Removing snap
  • Update OS
  • Edit to cmdline.txt
  • Remove ipv6
  • Disable green led

Pretty much everything is done for us by the bootstrap file. So much time saved ! And super easy and quick way to bring up new node.

Add Iptables

We need iptables, k3s / Kubernetes needs it. As root run following to install them to every node:

ansible cube -m apt -a "name=iptables state=present" --become

Or individually on each node:

apt -y install iptables

Then reboot the worker nodes for good measure.

ansible workers -b -m shell -a "reboot"